DesixKaty & Dose of Colors COLLAB

Hola chicas,

A few days ago I attended the launch of this hot fire collaboration from Dose of Colors! Here are some pics from the lit AF party!


Down below I included my Youtube video unboxing and doing a golden smokey tutorial using the new Dose of Colors & Desi x Katy collab! Enjoy!

Swatch Post: @NYXCosmetics Liquid Suede Metallic Matte

Hey Guys!

I’m back… for good! My first post is all about these hawt AF lippies by NYX Cosmetics. I got them in a gift bag from a recent event I attended in LA and I fell in love right away. They are a metallic matte finish and come in a range of edgy shades. From a nude sparkle to a moody grunge, they’ve got you covered!

If you don’t like a matte stain all over, moisturize your lips with a good chapstick and dab a hint of these on your cupid’s bow and inner bottom lip for an extra sheen. If you don’t mind a full matte application, then have fun and lather them on!

They retail for $7.50 and even though I get all my goods “gratis” from the brand , the best selection can be found at Ulta and more recently their own store at the Sherman Oaks Fashion Square!

Here’s 2 links that will take you directly to the product: NYX Cosmetics Liquid Suede Metallic Matte Lipstick

ULTA.COM – NYX Cosmetics Liquid Suede Metallic Matte Lipstick

On my lips I swatched 5 colors that show the different tones perfectly:


Here is the full range of colors swatched on my arm and completely dry.

Sparkle on,



Brown Spot/Freckle Full Coverage Makeup Tutorial

Over the weekend I decided I wanted to bring my subscribers an intense tutorialĀ targeted at anyone who has trouble concealing brown sports/pigment issues. I decided my sister would be the best candidate, not only is she naturally beautiful, but she is confident enough to go bare faced for the world to see! I love her for that! (Dark sun spots/freckles run in my family from both parent’s sides)

Since she loves a full glam, I paired it with a smokey eye and some intense lashes. I decided to quickly run through her eye makeup and spend most of the tutorial on her skin and eyebrows. Hope you enjoy!!



Beauty Products I can’t live without!

I recently bought a wall cabinet to arrange all of my everyday beauty products. I’m not into clutter so I need everything to be organized and put away at all times!

Here’s a shot of everything that I use on a daily basis. Yes it’s a lot, but us women need to take care of our skin while it still cooperates šŸ™‚


As you can tell, I love me some Murad! I use their Radiance Peel and Lightening Serum at LEAST once a week. Murad’s products are so gentle, yet effective.

Coconut oil is something every household should have stocked! I rub this on my ankles, knees, elbows, and my scalp before I sleep. Honest Co. healing balm is a great substitute when my coconut oil has run out.

Next is a pale girl’s dream come true. The only self tanner that I use: LOVING TAN! I use the “Dark” shade (Ultra Dark is a little too intense for me). It gives the perfect glow without any streaking or orangey tone. Ā I post about them often on Instagram, because anytime I have an event I make sure I slap on a layer of Loving Tan.



Josie Maran is a brand that I’ve been a fan of since I found out they were an eco friendly and cruelty free label. Josie cares about our Earth, so that makes me more enthusiastic about supporting her brand! This is her hydrating mist, infused with argan oil and coconut water. I spray it all over my face before I start my foundation routine in order to saturate my skin and keep it supple. Added bonus, it smells like SUMMER!


When I started using this Murad Renewing Eye cream on a daily basis, I saw improvement immediately! I always had some dryness around my eyebrows and under eyes, but not any longer! My concealer looks flawless and my fine lines seem much more faint.


Pravana Dry Shampoo: I’ve tried SO many different brands of dry shampoo but have to say this one is my favoriteĀ for styling purposes. It doesn’t turn bright white like most other ones. It takes a quick spray at the root and I start teasing away. It’s very rough so don’t think your can run your fingers through your hair. Not with this stuff in it! My tease always stays extra long with this sprayed in it.



Honest Foaming Hand Soap – Lavender scent: I am an avid hand washer (about 12x daily) Since I’m constantly handling makeup and cleaning, I need a hand soap that doesn’t dry me out. This soap is extremely nourishing and leaves my hands super soft! Thank goodness for Honest home deliveries, keeping me stocked all month long!


Murad’s Foaming cleanser and Exfoliating Scrub: Is it evident that I love foaming cleansers?! I’ve Snapchatted about these two because I use these each and every day. This cleanser removesĀ all makeup and I follow with the scrub that washes away impurities.



By the way, these cute little canisters are from Michael’s. ($1.99 each)


Stila “Eyes are the Window” Palette – Mind Swatches

To celebrate 20 years, Stila has just released a series of 4 eyeshadow palettes. Mind, Body, Soul, & Spirit.

Today I picked up “Mind” from Naimies (I forced myself to only choose one!) In my opinion, you can never have too many shades of matte shadows!

Love the compact it comes in, you can call me Goldmember! (I’m a sucker for gooooooold!)

IMG_6214 IMG_6215


IMG_6222 IMG_6224

Left: Natural Light – Right- Flash lighting


The swatches below are on my arm, no primer or base:


Top to Bottom: Brilliance, Imagination, Genius, Understanding


Instinct, Observation, Wit, Perception


Reason, Thinker, Creativity, Intellect

Over all I was really impressed with the color payoff. I can’t wait to use this on my clients.

Retail: $49.00