REAL TALK: Interracial Relationships, Fertility, Babies, and Life.

Racism is a refugee for the ignorant.

I start this blog post with one question. How can you label love with a one race?

Racism is something that is taught. Do we really want to teach our children not to use their self expression and intuition when it comes to picking a life partner? Do we really want them in a sequestered bubble tied down to one language, one way of living? Or do we want them to live in country that is known as “land of the free” ? Newsflash, no one is 100% purely one race anymore, that shit is long gone. If you’re afraid your child won’t speak your native language and pass it down to their children, then you haven’t done your job as a parent. If that’s so important to you, then that’s what you should be preaching about, not “You have to marry inside your race”. It just shows how you haven’t evolved as a person.

When I met my husband, I didn’t care what he was. All I knew was the feeling when we were together, I never wanted to let that go. And I didn’t.┬áThere is a greater force that drives us all to act as we do, it’s called love and it’s ever surrounding our souls. I wish people understood that your evolution as a soul is what we need to be working on, and worry less about the material and superficial. Sometimes I look around or listen to people speak, and they think they look and sound so cool, classy, rich, strong, and so on and so forth. But in my mind I’m laughing. I wonder if they know how ridiculous, poor, foolish, and weak they sound. You can always tell the people that haven’t been through SHIT are the ones that worry about nonsense and their “image”.

When my husband and I were still in the beginning months of our relationship, he was involved in an (almost) fatal car accident. I never saw the wreck, but at the scene of the accident you would think there were multiple deaths. When I finally saw him I knew I was never going to leave his side after what he looked like. I stayed by his side for months and rehabilitated his fractured pelvis and lower back. At the age of 18 I had aged about 10 years, lol.

Armen would always say “There’s no way I could ever repay you for what you did for me”. Little did he know, almost exactly 10 years later he would be helping me above and beyond what I did for him. If you want to read the full story, refer to this blog post:

My Myasthenia Gravis Journey

When you go through REAL issues with health, all this racist jibber jabber is very low on your worry list. Nothing has ever come easy for him and I, and life has thrown us some verrrrr interesting curve balls. You know what we do? We kick the shit out of life’s curve balls and keep on trucking ­čÖé

Lately, I have been reading up on lots of NDE cases (Near Death Experiences) and how it changes a person’s outlook on life. Having been through one myself and seeing that light, that aura, that “in between” as I call it, all these cases had a similar theme in common. The theme being “The body we have, the things we attain are all temporary. Our actual bodies are merely vehicles for our soul to evolve. And after we die, it keeps evolving.” ┬áHaving felt that strong jolt of love and coming back to “reality” it’s quite…different. Everything that matters here is so mundane in comparison. You know when I feel that strong jolt when I’m here on Earth? When I’m with my husband.

When I’m laughing with my family and friends. When I’m cuddling with my dog. That’s because our souls all have a common factor: LOVE.

My soul doesn’t know what an Armenian or a Mexican is. It just knows a feeling. I’ve always listened to that feeling. I am so LUCKY.

Fertility and starting a family

My mind told me I was ready, but God, and my body, had different plans. I was only married for a little over a year when I got so sick that I couldn’t even stand up, bathe myself, eat by myself, and so on….. Thank you God (again), ┬áthat I never got pregnant by accident, because this story would have been a lot more tragic. God’s plan for us has nothing to do with what we want, or what we think we want. It’s what we can handle, it’s fate. I learned to give up what I can’t control and work hard at the things that I can control. God willing, it will happen on it’s own time.


Transition phases in life can be scary, but also very exciting. I see myself making a small change professionally while still holding onto the thing that got me here: MAKEUP! I have been offering makeup services at Lilit’s Makeup Studio for a little over 2 years, and I cant even begin to describe how much I love her and the whole team. Starting in September I will be┬ágoing back to freelancing, working on expanding my clothing line @ShopRBLL and focusing on starting a new chapter in my work life. One that is focused on building a future for my own little family, my husband and our four-legged baby girl Lucky Sadie.

Here are some pics from my wedding in 2012. I don’t share them frequently on social media, since I keep them close to my heart, along with my relationship with my best friend.



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